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“Everyone from front desk to nurses were wonderful. They made me feel comfortable and welcomed at every visit.”

Mr. Branson is a Pancreatic Cancer survivor. He was diagnosed last April 2012, when rushed to Tampa Hospital after being extremely sick. He was in the ICU for 5 days where they discovered he has stage 1 Pancreatic Cancer. The hospital wanted to treat the patient immediately, but Mr. Branson denied their help and told the staff he was going back to Sarasota. What could possibly be in Sarasota to drive someone to deny treatment? … Mr. Branson had heard of the Cancer Center of Sarasota through a Walmart Pharmacist, while picking up his late wife hepatitis medication. Dr. Sholi came highly recommended to him.
He called the Cancer Center and was scheduled to meet with Dr. Sholi right away. From the minute Mr. Branson walked in the center, and met with Dr. Sholi he felt comfortable & confident of the outcome of his illness. One of the first things Dr.Sholi did was refer patient to a surgeon. Then he had Mr. Branson do 6 weeks of chemo alone. After Mr. Branson showed no side effects due to chemo, Dr.Sholi did 6 weeks of radiation & chemo combined to then 3 weeks of chemo alone. Patient was happy he didn’t loose his hair or appetite but did say “food tasted funny.”
After a very successful surgery and treatments Mr. Branson’s PET scans have come back negative. One of the things Mr. Branson emphasized was that he “loved” that Dr. Sholi suggested to get a port Because he hated needles.

“I HATE needles. I LOVED that Dr. Sholi suggested to get a port for my treatments.”