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What is testicular cancer?

This occurs in the testicles which are located inside the scrotum. The testicles produce male sex hormones and sperm for reproduction. Testicular cancer is most common cancer in American males between 15-35 years old.

Testicular Cancer Symptoms

No symptoms but people may experience pain in the lower back, cancer-related fatigue, painless testicular lump, swelling of scrotum, swollen lymph nodes, or weight loss.

Testicular Cancer Causes

Here are some of the factors that may increase the risk of testicular cancer:

  • An undescended testicle – men who have a testicle that never descended in the fetal development before birth are at greater risk of testicular cancer
  • Abnormal testicle development – Klinefelter syndrome is a condition that may cause testicles to develop abnormally may increase your risk
  • Family history – family members that have had testicular cancer may put you in an increased risk
  • Age – ages between 15-35 are usually at risk, but it can occur at any age
  • Ethnicity – testicular cancer is more common in white men