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Christopher Petz was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer October 17, 2012 at Mass General Hospital. He originally went into hospital for a blood clot, which caused a stroke in his left eye. Today he still only has 50% vision as a result from it. They admitted him and started running tests and he soon found out he had cancer.

“I was pissed!!”

exclaimed Christopher when he found out the news. Mass General Hospital explained there was no cure and to not bother with treatments and enjoy the last three months of his life. At the time Mr. Petz decided to move back to Florida to seek the medical advice from Moffit Cancer Center, but his insurance quickly became and issue. Researching he came across Dr.Sholi at the Cancer Center of Sarasota-Manatee and within 30 minutes of his first appointment he felt confident and comfortable. Dr.Sholi was honest, yet kind and willing to help Mr. Petz fight his battle. Dr. Sholi has Mr. Petz doing chemo three times a week, which has been working great for him. And when he encountered any side effects Dr. Sholi did anything he could to help right away.
Mr. Petz often compliments the nurses, medical assistants, and front desk at almost every visit.

“They are always friendly and attentive. Excellent staff and service.”