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Lung Cancer

More people die of lung cancer each year than colon, breast and prostrate cancer combined.

There are a number of possible causes of lung cancer and Dr. Mamus and his staff at the Cancer Center of Sarasota-Manatee have the experience and resources to test, identify and treat all types of lung cancer whether it is caused from smoking, asbestos, toxic chemicals, or cancer that began somewhere else in the body and spread to the lungs.

The two most common forms of lung cancer are small cell and non small cell. Because these are treated quite differently, it is important to use a medical team that is not only trained but also experienced in diagnosing and treating the different types of lung cancer as well as the other diseases that may accompany lung cancer.

Dr. Mamus has over twenty years expertise in the treatment of cancer and blood related disorders and he and his staff are well aware of the importance of managing the diseases that exist along with lung cancer to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Is Lung Cancer Common?

According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer is the most common cause of death due to cancer in both men and women worldwide. It is a disease of the elderly with almost 70% of people diagnosed over 65 years of age.

What Are the Symptoms of Lung Cancer?

The signs of lung cancer are varied and in 25% of patients, the cancer was first found in a routine chest x-ray or CT scan and there were no warning signs at all.

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue accompanied with shortness of breath, wheezing, and/or a nagging cough, then you may be the victim of lung cancer. Other symptoms are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Chest Pain
  • Coughing up blood

If the cancer has invaded nerves or has spread to the bones or other areas of the body, there are symptoms that will accompany the effected areas. Because of his background, Dr. Mamus has the inside track to cutting edge technologies and treatments that will increase the chances for you to live a full and happy life.

The staff at Cancer Center of Sarasota-Manatee knows the life changes that are necessary to make treatment of lung cancer as comfortable as possible. We look at all areas of your life from lifestyle to medical history in order to come up with a personalized treatment plan just for you.

If you are diagnosed with lung cancer there are life style modifications that you will need to make. You may be overweight, in need of good nutrition or a smoker seeking solutions on how to quit. We will provide you with the tools, support and understanding you need in order to get on the right track, rather than lectures and harsh words. Dr. Mamus and his staff are highly sensitive to your feelings and we offer viable solutions in a caring and supportive environment. We want your life to be as productive and active as possible and we will target those areas that need to be improved.

Dr Steven Mamus, lung cancer