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At the Cancer Center of Sarasota Manatee you will receive supportive, individual attention from the moment you check in at reception with a care coordinator. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment to allow for time to complete initial paperwork. Our doctors want to know as much as possible about you to ensure your best, most effective first appointment.

A nurse will then measure your blood pressure and weight. They are there to address any immediate questions or concerns – so if you have any, feel free to ask.

Afterward, you will be shown to the doctor’s office where you will meet your new doctor. It is here that you will be able to discuss plans for immediate and long-term treatment and care. Your doctor is there to support you in any way possible, answer questions and compare options, as well as ensure your emotional needs and concerns are met. In a challenging time, the doctor- patient relationship is never more important. Our physicians understand that – which is why establishing a connection and trust with new patients is their first goal.

After your initial visit to the Cancer Center and meeting your doctor, you will learn about your specific type of cancer – and the different methods of treatment available to you. As your treatment progresses, you will discuss options and healing plans with your doctor along each step of the way.

Helpful Suggestions:

We know this may be a difficult time. We welcome the support of a family member or close friend during your visit. Having two pairs of eyes and ears can prove helpful later as you review the new information.

Wear something comfortable and skip the perfume and aftershave. You’ll most likely need to change for an examination, so clothing that is easy to get on and off is best.

It’s also a great idea to write down your questions before-hand. This way you’ll have time to think about all the topics you want to discuss with your doctor when you’re together. If something should slip your mind – don’t worry. Your doctors and nurses will be available to you 24/7.

To make your initial registration go smoothly and to assist our medical staff please see below.

What to Bring to your First Visit:

  • Insurance Cards
  • Personal Identification or Driver’s License
  • Medical History including dates of surgeries and hospitalization
  • Any medical records including, doctor’s visits and diagnostic imaging
  • List of Medications including prescriptions, over the counter drugs,vitamins &supplements

New patient paperwork – Click here if you would like to print and complete your new patient paperwork prior to your scheduled appointment

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